The Compliance Test

This tutorial will show you how to take the Refundo compliance test.
Each member of your team with a unique log in to the Refundo Dashboard must pass the compliance test.
The compliance test is an important part of using Refundo's refund transfer system.  Our ERO's must take and pass (80%) the compliance test to use Refundo.  The test has 22 questions.  This means that you can miss 4 questions and still pass.
Go to
Login to Dashboard
Once inside the dashboard, you will be prompted to take and pass the compliance test - 
Click on this banner at the top of the page to open the test
Before clicking START to take the test, click on the link - handbook.  This will open the Compliance Test Handbook.  This handbook has all of the information you will need to pass the test.
You can utilize the "find" feature in the handbook to take the test "open book".  That is to search the handbook using key words from the test itself to more quickly find the answers you need.
For example searching the handbook for "USA Patriot Act" will help you find the answer to this question.
Once you pass compliance, the blue banner with the link to the test will disappear.

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