Reprinting Checks in Dashboard

This tutorial will show you how to reprint checks in Refundo.

When this happens, you are allowed to reprint up to 3 times on your own without contacting Refundo support.

There are various reasons why you may need to contact Refundo support to assist in re-printing a check:

1. It has been over 24 hours since you last printed the check

2. Check has been verified

3. Check has been re-printed 3 times

Once you see an error message in the dashboard, you will need to void the last print attempt and contact our support center (908)445-5544.

You will be asked to write VOID BIG and BOLD on the CHECK portion of the check stock.  Then email it to Once we receive the VOID check we will reset it for reprint and move it over to Checks Ready to Print.

To Reprint:

  • Click on the Checks Tab from the left-side menu

  • In the checks "Ready to Print" screen, select the check you need to re-print and click on the "Print" button. 

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