How To Create a Bank Application

1) Click on the Apps tab from the left-hand menu


2) Click on the "New Bank App" button  


3) Enter taxpayer's social security number


4) Once you are in the bank application complete the form manually.  

NOTE: If you are using the extraction tool (Pro Series, Taxwise) the bank app should already be pre filled in. 

5) A few things to note are:

  • The City and State will autofill after you enter the zip. 
  • Make sure you enter sure you enter a phone number and a cell even if they are the same.  If the customer wants to be notified via text message, be sure to check the box that "Notify customer via text message"

  • If the customer wants to add audit protection, be sure to check the "Audit Assistance Box".

  • Choose a disbursement method (Check, Direct Deposit, or Direct2Cash) 



  • If you are offering Pre Authorized loans to your customers, enter the amount you are loaning plus any interest into the box.


  • To add a state refund check the box and select the appropriate state.  Refundo charges $10 to add the state.


  • Enter the ID Type and ID # Then Click Save


When you hit the save button 2 things happen:

  • Refundo creates a Routing and Unique Personal Account number which both need to be copied into your tax software prior to submitting the return to the IRS. Click on the Green buttons by the account and routing number to copy text to clipboard.


  • The bank application disclosure documents are generated for you to print and have your customer sign.


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