How To Navigate the Refundo Dashboard

Quick Shortcuts

  • Quick Shortcuts is the main function of the Refundo Dashboard. These shortcuts are located on the left-hand side once logged into the Dashboard. 


  • The Apps tab is where the ERO goes to create a bank application and loan applications for their taxpayers

  • In the Audit Pros tab, the ERO can find all bank app clients that have purchased audit assistance

  • The checks tab will be where the ERO goes to see if checks are ready and they can print them from here as well

  • The Offices tab allows EROs with multiple locations to manage all of their offices

  • The Payments tab allows you to process credit/debit card payments from your clients

  • The Reports tab is where the ERO can get a summary of their business


  • Supplies Tab is where to go to order marketing supplies and checks

  • In the Support tab you'll find general functions and frequently asked questions of how to use the dashboard


  • If you have a question/problem, you can click on the "Chat With Us" green button located on the bottom-right corner for immediate help.

Quick Stats

  • On the Home tab, you can find a summary of stats about your office.

  •  These stats are for each ERO's company to see their progress in overview throughout the tax season. For example, it shows the amount of checks ready to print, the amount of bank apps by month and status (Funded/Unfunded), total tax preparation fees collected, etc. 


  • 124 is the amount of refunds that we have not received funding from the IRS 

  • 4 is the number of checks ready to be printed

  • 210 represents the amount of audit protected Refund Transfers

  • Disbursement Types provides the number of Bank Products in each category of disbursement method. 

  • YTD Prep Fees - Total Fees, is a summary of how much money you have made in fees this year. This includes a sum of their tax prep fees

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